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For more than 20 years and raising two children, I supported my family’s emotional, physical and spiritual wellness with high quality therapeutic essential oils from a company I trust and adore. I can’t imagine life without Peace & Calming in those early years! Or Purification and Thieves to rid all traces of mold after severe flooding while living in Hoboken (below sea level for real). A drop of Valor (with blue tansy) or Joy (high vibrational florals) for those days when you really need to step up to the plate and be at your very best.  Lavender, the swiss army knife of my collection for super-focus or to ensure a deep sleep. More about my oily journey another time!

Sounds pretty amazing and luxurious I know. The oils bring comfort and joy right away and can buoy you above the wellness line!  View this brief Essential Oil 101 Intro Class:

Just in time for Spring I am replacing all the household cleaning nasties (and I thought we WERE purchasing good stuff)  with the power and goodness of Thieves plant-based household cleanser with immune boosting essential oils of clove, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus and rosemary. Ultra-concentrated and one bottle does it all. It has never been easier or economical to maintain a chemical and toxic-free home for your family and guests. 


TIP #1
Diffuse Citrus Fresh and Thieves between guest stays. For seasonal changes Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint would be awesome.

Tip #2 

The Thieves Cleanser is ultra-concentrated, antiviral/antibacterial and one bottle can be used for every cleaning task in your home. Be sure to edit your AirB&B listing profile that your accommodations are cleaned with plant-based, toxic-free Thieves and watch your business grow!

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