It’s no secret — I’m a foodie. And while I have my go-to places in each and every Hudson Valley town, my true culinary love is trying out new restaurants and local hots pots, and recommending my favorites to friends and clients.

Below, I share my Field Guide to the Best Burgers in the Hudson Valley. It's a quintessential American treat, and when they're juicy and packed with flavor, they deserve a shoutout. 

Think: duck burgers topped with duck cracklins; vegetarian mushroom burgers; burgers with special sauces, topped with gourmet cheeses; homemade potato and pretzel buns; and more. The creativity here is endless. 

If I miss a top-notch burger, drop a response to this blog post, or leave a comment on my Facebook page. I want to try them all!

The best burgers in the Hudson Valley

A Field Guide: The Best Burgers in the Hudson Valley

A+P Bar
Woodstock, NY

They had me at Whiskey sauce!

Poughkeepsie, NY

This towering burger is made of chuck steak and short rib, topped with melted cheddar, pork belly, a potato pancake and Schatzi's special purple sauce.

Gunk Haus
Clintondale, NY 

Gunk Haus, a German gastropub, is five minutes by country road from downtown New Paltz — and the burgers are well worth the short trip.

Redhook, NY

Looking for something different? How about a duck burger topped with duck cracklins, or a spiced lamb burger served on a house-made potato bun? Sauces range from chimichurri to bacon marmalade. This is how specialty burgers are done.

Buns Burgers
Rhinebeck, NY, Saugerties, NY

With two locations in the Hudson Valley, Buns Burgers pushes the farm-to-table movement into quick-service dining without sacrificing one bit of flavor.

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