The Top 4 Reasons I LOVE Being a Real Estate Agent in the Hudson Valley

1. I’m a People Person

I love meeting people, building relationships and, most of all, as a buyer’s agent I love helping my clients find the home of their dreams. I have met so many wonderful people of the years, including agents, bankers and others who I can now call friends. 

2. Everyday is Different 

Who wants to sit in an office all day long? Not me! Living in the Hudson Valley, there are so many interesting people, places and, of course, properties and homes to explore. My job is to research — and truly experience — my surroundings, on behalf of my clients, and keep myself motivated by mixing things up. 

3. Wanderlust

When you live amidst the Catskill Mountains in Ulster County in the Hudson Valley, you simply can’t help yourself. I’m an outdoors kind of gal — I love fishing, hiking, local food (obsessed with fire cooking these days!), flea markets, and discovering local hot spots and up-and-coming artisans. And, of course, I love real estate and house hunting. I make it a point to drive around and discover the special attractions and personality of each town. There’s nothing like sharing this “insider” local knowledge with my clients. It’s one of the main reasons why I became a real estate agent and so many of my clients come back to me or refer me to friends looking to move to the area. 

4. I Found My Joy

They say, if you do something you love you’ll never work another day in your life. That’s how I feel! I love what I do, and I’m lucky to live in the Hudson Valley — a magical place with so much to offer. 

So, What Does This Mean for You?

Let’s connect. I’m ready and excited to share my local knowledge with you — and we’ll have fun driving around, en route to the town that'll inspire your next dream home.